Gene Synthesis


                                                Gene Synthesis

Current Synthetic and Systems Biology is aimed at everyone working in the modelling and discovery of emergent properties in complex biological systems. Also, it seeks scientists relating the structure and dynamics of living organisms with their physiology and phenotypic traits for the understanding of the whole. In addition to the highest-quality original articles covering the entire field, each issue includes timely reviews of key primary research papers and topics in Systems Biology. Also, the Editors seek the publication of reports on emerging trends in the integration of theoretical models, computational analysis and empirical data, as a framework for understanding any scale of biological organisation, ranging from single cells to ecological systems.

The Editorial Committee actively pursues to be a leading source of essential knowledge through promoting excellence and advancement in Systems Biology, Quantitative and Predictive Physiology, and Medicine.

The journal encourages original research, expert review of Systems Biology at the forefront of a more holistic approach to understanding the dynamic and complex nature of living systems better. Also, provides insight into system-level approaches of biological research, while potentiating a transformation in the approach to the investigation of fundamental and broader biological systems. CSSB is particularly interested in receiving manuscripts that reports of original investigations, and high-quality reviews interesting to an international audience.

Current Synthetic and Systems Biology publishes articles of original, interdisciplinary, system dynamics, and that integrate data, insight, and analyses from molecules to organisms and larger systems. The Editor actively encourages the integration of knowledge in genomic, proteomic, metabolomic, and Physics aspects that contributes to the disciplines that meet in Systems Biology. It also pursues insights into Integrative Biology, Network Biology, dynamically-changing entities, and system-level properties of biological systems. Similarly, CSSB is interested in reviews (invited by the Editor), technology features and centred research articles on a comprehensive range of topics. Moreover, contributors may present original high-level scientific articles and new theories on integrative analysis of biological systems.

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