Application of genetic markers in animal breeding


1. Molecular markers have a revolutionized agricultural science, including reproduction and genetics of animals specifically.

 2. The genetic DNA polymorphism led to the discovery of different marker techniques with a series of applications in reproduction of applied cattle. However, the use of these markers for cattle genetic research is largely based on the optimal selection of an adequate marker technique for a specific application. 

 3. Molecular markers compared to conventional animal farming techniques, offer more accurate genetic information and better knowledge of animal genetic resources.

 4. These markers have a great potential for breeding programmers of Nigerian cattle. However, several bottlenecks, such as lacking infrastructures, suitable, inadequate capabilities and operational support, the lack of a qualification policy, the legal and regulatory framework at national level, which in turn influences research institutions, could be the main Reasons that prevent the adequate adoption of these techniques. 

 5. In the near future, it is expected that the development of the molecular marker will continue enormously in developing countries such as Nigeria, in order to serve as an underlying tool for geneticists and breeders who will be useful in the production of animals with desirable traits for human use.

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