Anatomical variation of the brachial artery and its clinical implications


The body has an elaborate level of complicated vasculature, regarding location, branching & relations to vital structures, as these issues have great influences on clinical applications utilizing intervention radiology and surgical interference. The upper arm alone presents with vasculature that is frequently textbook, but also gives chances for further exploration in a cadaver study to learn more about the variation in vasculature. The brachial artery, which is the main arterial supply of the upper arm, is in question, and will be discussed in grave detail.

By learning about its embryological growth, we hope to understand the variation of the artery. This presentation specifically discusses the higher division of the brachial artery, and its clinical importance. Understanding the development of the brachial artery will help to give medical providers who work on cases such as intervention radiology procedures a more precise framework to work effectively in so that no unneeded damage will come to the patient.