Analysis of Nursing Safety Incident Characteristics Using Deep LearningBased Medical Data,


Otolaryngology is a fairly current condition, and complications including infection and significant bleeding constantly be during surgery, which pose a serious threat to the cases' mortality. Exploring the distinctive characteristics of postoperative nursing safety events in cases who have experienced otolaryngology surgery and comprehending the distinctive features of postoperative nursing safety events in otolaryngology surgery cases are of utmost significance frequentness of postoperative safety nursing incidents were linked by this study's preoperative safety protection for 385 convalescents. According to this study, the main factors impacting postoperative care are erected lesions (95.0 C19.365 –21.038), the treatment period (95.0 CI7.147 –20.275), during hospitalization (95.0 CI8.918 –24.237), antibiotic use (95.0 CI8.163-21.739), and hypertension (95.0 CI7.926-22.385). Using the association rule system to assay and control the major threat